Izmit Bay Bridge - Turkey
Lifting of two bridge side spans

Scope of works

Lifting of bridge side spans

Key figures

Length of side spans: 127m and 136m
Weight: 2,400t and 2,800t
Total length of bridge: 2,682m


Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs & Communications, Turkey


Mega Yapi Construction, Turkey

VSL Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting



Project Description

 When it opens in 2017, the Izmit Bay Bridge will be the wolrds`s fourth-longest supension bridge. The 2,682m bridge, which has a 1,550m-long main span, is located at the eastern end of the Marmara Sea. The bridge is being built in one of the world`s most seismically active areas, which has placed high demands in terms of the design and execution. 

VSL Heavy Lifting was responsible for raising the two side spans, which have lengths of 127m and 136m. Both spans were fabricated at ground level between their piers. 

Temporary steel structures were installed on top of the piers to mount the strand lifting units.  The support and working platforms were tied back during the lifting operations. This method reduced the need for auxiliary lifting structures and was therefore a cost-effective approach. 

A challenge came from the curved geometry of the span, which resulted in a slightly offset centre of gravity. As a consequence, the load was unevenly distributed between the strand lifting jacks.  Constant monitoring using VSL`s state-of-the-art control system avoided any overloading of the single strand jacks. 

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