Miraflores AVE viaduct - Spain
Lifting of the Arches Supply of pot bearings Post-tensioning execution

Scope of works performed

Arch heavy lifting

Supply of pot bearings

Post-tensioning execution


Ministerio de Fomento de Espana - ADIF (Spanish Ninistry of Civil Works Administrator fo Railway Infrastructures)

Main Contractor




VSL Entity

CTT-Stronghold S.A.



Project Description

Built for the High-Speed railway link between Madrid and the cities of Segovia and Valladolid the viaduct of Miraflores is one of the main structures of the whole project. The viaduct is supported by 25 piles and the key of a central arch. It has a total length of 1,755m consisting of  a typical span of 66m and a central span of 132m. Crossing a highly protected area close to the mountains in the province of Madrid, it is surrounded by a special variety of oak trees.

The main central span of 132m is the biggest in Spain and the third of its kind in the world. Arch solutions are highly effective for multi-span railway bridges: the key works as a virtual abutment that enables transmission of braking forces to the foundations.

The arch was constructed in two halves that were erected vertically close to an adjacent pile onto a hinged articulation. These segments had to be lowered into position before closing the key segment with a final pour that included a pile segment.

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