Puente Rio Ulla - Spain
Lifting, tilting, skidding and lowering of bridge parts

Scope of works

Lifting, tilting, skidding and lowering of bridge segments


4 SLU-330

4 skidding lines 25m - 150t

Temporary top steel gantry 24m height with skidding lines 500t



VSL Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting


since 2012

Project Description

In the unique landscape of the river Ulla, under nature protection, a new High-Speed-Train connection Coruña-Pontevedra is under construction. The 1.620m long composite bridge, will break three world records once it is complete. VSL HL has been awarded with five different contracts to install at last 21.000 t of steel-structures into their final position.

The first big maneuver executed in December 2012 has been the installation of the starter panels on top of one of the four main concrete piers. Each of the two lateral panels, with a dimension of almost 40x18x1 m and 400 t weight each, were positioned in a complex operation: simultaneous tilting (bottom part skidding at the ground around the pier and lifting at the top part), lifting about 45m, shifting 4.3m, lowering, supporting and finally tilting till reaching their final position. The next three similar maneuvers will be performed at the beginning of February 2013.
VSL HL is also supplying all the auxiliary steel structures, e.g. the main top steel gantry with 25m height and 24m width on a base frame of 6x9 m.
In continuation  VSL HL will execute the following contractual operations: The launching of superstructure starting  from abutment 2, the lifting of the 3x120 meters spans with constant height at abutment 2,  pulling of the parts of these spans from the outside steel workshop at abutment 2 to erection place, the balanced installation of the segments of variable height, and so on until  the total length is completed of this impressive bridge.

The complete job report will be available soon.