Rheinvorland Bridge Worms - Germany
Launching and lateral sliding of the compensatory new construction


1st stage : launching 100m
2nd stage: lateral slide 1.5m
3rd stage: lateralslide 4.5m


Launching: 1 SLU-40
Lateral Slide: 9 SLU-120


Launching: 450t
1st lateral slide: 12,000t
2nd lateral slide: 17,000t


Deutsche Bahn
DB Projekt Bau GmbH


Plauen Stahl Technologie GmbH
Hammerstr. 18, 08529 Plauen, Germany


VSL Heavy Lifting


2010 - 2012

Project Description

The Rheinvorland Bridge Worms is a historical railway bridge with a length of 605m. It had to be replaced and next to the existing bridge a compensatory new construction was built. This approach required launching and lateral sliding of the new bridge, an operation VSL Heavy Lifting has been assigned for. The piers of the existing brigde were broadened to build the new brigde parallel to the old one.

Since the bridge is crossing a nature reserve where construction is forbidden, a section of 100m was built on the existing piers and then launched over the nature reserve into the right position. After the completion of the compensatory bridge it had to be slid next to the old one. The lateral slide of 1,5m with a maximum weight of 12,000t went very smooth and without any delay.

Lateral sliding of a bridge with a length of over 600 m, allowing only a maximum tolerance of +/- 10 mm, is presenting a formidable challenge. The second lateral slide was about 4,5m with a maximum weight of now 17,000t. The tight window required careful planning and a profound organisation since any delay would have meant serious consequences. VSL Heavy Lifting has got the experience and expertise based on many comparable operations worldwide. 

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