Stonecutter Bridge - Hong Kong
Erection of the steel decks for the side spans of one of the longest cable stayed bridges in the wor

Scope of works performed

Off-loading the back span segments and sliding them into their assembly position

Erection of the tower brackets

Erection of the deck lifting frame

Lifting of the cross girders

Erection of the main span segments

Main Contractor

Maeda–Hitachi–Yokogawa–Hsin Chong JV

VSL Entity

VSL Hong Kong
VSL Heavy Lifting



Project Description

VSL Hong Kong has completed works on Stonecutters Bridge to erect the steel decks of what will be one of the longest cable stayed bridges in the world. High competencies, innovative heavy lifting solutions and flexibility were necessary.

The Alliance with the Maeda-Hitachi-Yokogawa-Hsin Chong JV was responsible for the erection of the steel back spans as well as for providing the erection equipment for the main span.
The main spans, weighing 4000 t each, created the installation platform for the erection of the 1018 m long steel deck spanning over Hong Kong  Rambler Channel at the access to the container terminal. The Alliance model applied to this contract due to the necessary flexibility for both VSL and the Joint Venture to tackle the technical challenges of what proved to be a very complex operation at the interface of the three critical project areas - the concrete deck, the concrete towers and the steel deck.

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