Tappan Zee Bridge New York - United States
Lowering of footing shells

Scope of works

Lowering of the four footing shells

Key figures

Weight: 2,500t and 1,700t
Dimensions: 110m x 19m and 100m x 11m
Lowering distance: 3m

VSL Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting


2014 and 2015

Project Description

The Tappan Zee Brigde spans the Hudson River at one of its widest points 40km north of Manhattan. The 4.9km-long crossing was opened in 1955. in 2013 the construction of a new twin-span bridge started just next to the old one. It is scheduled to open to traffic in 2018. 

VSL Heavy Lifting was appointed to lower the four footing shells, two for the main pylon towers and tow for the anchor piers. The first operation started in 2014 and involved the lowering of the huge 2,500t soffit systems for the tower piers. 

The second major operation - for the two anchor piers - started in August 2015. With dimensions of 100m by 11m and a weight of 1,700t the soffit systems were a little smaller tahn for the pylons. 

The customized VSL system guaranteed operation to within the required maximum tolerance of 5mm between load points. The size of the footing and the lowering method used mark the replacement of the Tappan Zee Bridge as a very special project for VSL Heavy Lifting.  

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