ADNOC HQ Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Lifting and sliding of 3 roof trusses about 335m

Scope of works performed

Lifting and sliding of three roof trusses.
Weight: about 400t each
Lifting distance: 335m
Sliding distance: 32m


Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)

Main Contractor

Six Construct Ltd.

Client and Specialist Steel Contractor

Eversendai Engineering L.L.C.



Project Description

ADNOC Building Abu Dhabi - UAE
  The new headquarter of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), a 342m high tower with 74 storeys, is the tallest landmark in Abu Dhabi. VSL Heavy Lifting was awarded the contract to lift and slide three roof trusses, weighing 360t each. The trusses were placed on temporary movable frameworks. Three locations of sliding at different levels, with a final slide of up to 32m were required to get  each truss into its final position between the two core walls. The detailed methodology was specifically developed, together with Eversendai Engineering, for the ADNOC project. With a lifting distance of almost 336m VSL Heavy Lifting broke a new record.  

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