Burj Khalifa Pinnacle - United Arab Emirates
Lifting of the Pinnacle



Project Manager

of the Main Contract

Main Contractor in M

SAMSUNG Eng. & Const. (South Korea)
With BISIX (Belgium) and ARABTEC (UAE)

Scope of works performed

Lifting of the Pinnacle
Pinnacle length: 143 m
weight: 450 t
Lifting distance: 89 m

Steel Work Contractor


VSL Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting



Project Description

BURJ KHALIFA - The World`s Tallest Building

VSL has already proved its expertise on the highest buidlings in the world: Taipei 101, Toronto Canadian National Tower, Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers.

Topical Burj Khalifa is the World`s tallest building and the tallest man-made construction with 818m and 160 floors.

VSL lifted the Pinnacle on top of the building. The pinnacle consist of 5m long segments which were assembled inside the tower starting at level 585 m. Temporary slab openings were let especially for this purpose and they had been closed after the lifting. Despite of the important capacity and the high speed provided to the top main crane, the time required for one crane cycle at +700m was quite long. Due to constrains of space and clearance under the crane hook (only 32m), lifting equipment has been installed on the building as soon as its construction reached the level of the lifting platform. Then the construction continued around and above, enclosing the lifting equipment. As a consequence there was no more acess for the crane and the equipment had to be seperated in smaller parts and transported to some platform at the facade. There it was possible to pick them up and lower them to ground level with a crane.

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