HK CEC Truss - Hong Kong
Lifting of the four main roof trusses over the habour channel

Scope of works performed

Lifting and launching of the four main roof trusses weighing between 1,290 t and 1,800 t each.


16 hydraulic jacks SLU330
4 hydraulic jacks SLU 70

Main Contractor

Hip Hing - Ngo Kee JV

VSL Entity

VSL Hong Kong
VSL Heavy Lifting Switzerland



Project Description

2008 VSL Heavy Lifting performed the complex and challenging lifting and launching operation of the four main roof trusses for a bridging link needed as part of the expansion of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wanchai. The main roof trusses A, B, C and D weigh between 1,290t and 1,800t each, span approximately 90m across the harbour channel, spaced 27m from one another. They are supported on bearings on top of permanent columns 41m and 57m above ground.

The existing Atrium Link Bridge between Phase I and II had to remain fully operational while these main trusses had been installed.

Due to this requirement, the first two trusses, A and B, could only be assembled and lifted at the position of truss C and D respectively, and needed to be launched sideways by 54 m over the existing link bridge. The Roof trusses A and B had been lifted in pairs along with the sledges, north/south sliding beams and its supports.

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