Nation Towers Skybridge - United Arab Emirates
Lifting of a skybridge

Scope of works performed

Lifting of skybridge with a weight of 385t
Lifting distance: 178m

Main Contractor

Joint Venture
Arabtec Construction L.L.C.
National Projects & Constructions (NPC)

VSL Entity

VSL Switzerland Ltd.
Heavy Lifting Department


March/April 2011

Project Description

The Nation Towers complex consists of two buildings featuring a 64-storey residental tower, a 50-storey luxury hotel and office tower and a retail podium. At the 50th and 54th level the skybridge structure connects the two towers. With an altitude of 202.5 meters the skybridge has surpassed the world record of the highest link bridge in the world.

The skybridge structure consisted of steel trusses with concrete pre-slabs top and bottom plus glass and cladding facades. The load distribution was unsymmetrical. The link bridge was built with an offset of 2.5m from the both towers because the bridge was resting on corbels and the building was already cladded.

The weight of the bridge was 385t and it was lifted 178m with a speed of 20m/h. Fixed on four points, the bridge was lifted with 4 SLU-120/150 units. On top it was launched in its final position on 4 points with 2 jacks SLU-10 on each point. The sliding distance was 2.5m.

Two different guiding systems stabilized the bridge during the lift and prevented it from hitting the cladding of the towers. The wind speed during the lifting was approx. 35 km/h.

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