Ski Dome, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Lifting of steel capsule to form the upper part of the indoor ski slope

Scope of works performed

Lifting by 33m of a 60 x 60m steel structure, weighing 2,800t, complete with concrete slab and partial cladding


Majid Al-Futtaim Group of Companies


Eversendai Engineering Dubai

VSL Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting Switzerland



Project Description

A Ski Resort in Dubai - once this was a fantasy. Now it became a reality.

The Ski Dome in Dubai has a snow park with a 400m long ski slope, a ski lift with a midway station café and a mural painting of the Alps on the walls to suggest a ski experience high up in the mountains.

The lifting equipment, consisting of 16 SLU-330, was installed on 4 temporary twin towers located at each corner of the structure measuring 60 X 60m. The slender towers with a height of up to 70m were braced against the permanent structure. During the lift the bracings had to be removed and reinstalled. The VSL standard computer controls with laser level monitoring have been used to ensure a safe lift.

Visitors are now able to enjoy skiing and leasure time on the beach within one day.


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