U-Bora Towers - United Arab Emirates
Lifting of a 280t steel truss

Scope of works performed

Lifting of a 280t steel truss 51m above ground

Investors and Companies involved

Bando, Korea
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
Aedas Architecture
Asteco Property Service


6strand jacks SLU-40, with capacity of 45 tons each

VSL Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting Switzerland


March 2010

Project Description

Located in Business Bay, Dubai, U-Bora-Towers comprises a 56-storey office tower and a curved residential building, rising from 12 storeys at the tower end to 16 storeys at the western end.

VSL lifted a 280t pre-fabricated, reinforced steel truss comprising beams and pipebracings into place to form a cut-out-square archway in the residence building.

The complete truss was assembled at ground level (in this case 55m up) lifted and placed in one single operation. The truss wasn`t bolted to the side buildings, but was sitting on corbels.
Using Heavy Lifting was a cost-effective solution that was much cheaper and faster than conventional methods.