Camisea Gas Project - Peru
Lifting of two deethanizer Towers 49 m high and weighing 175 tons

Scope of works performed

Design and methods of the heavy lifting solution

Design of foundations for auxiliary towers and lateral guys

Design, supply and supervision of the installation of the auyiliary towers and cross beam

Technical assistance during liftings


Shell and PlusPetrol



Civil Works Contractor

Graña y Montero

Erection Works Contractor

Consorcio Sade-Skanska, Lantintecna and JJC

Heavy Lifting

VSL (Switzerland) Ltd.
Departement Heavy Lifting



Project Description

Camisea Gas Project is the largest gas project in South America and situated in the Peruvian rain forest, north east of Lima. VSL Heavy Lifting was contracted to lift two deethanizer towers, 49 m high and weighing 175 t each.

For this lifting we used towers stored in nothern Chile`s desert. These had to be transported on the road across the Andes and then on a river boat to the remote job site in the amazonian rain forest. The other equipment was sent from VSL Switzerland. On the construction site the technicians and engineers from VSL Switzerland and VSL Chile worked hand in hand. The design of the lifting and the foundations for the lifting towers had been prepared by VSL Argentina, TCEU, VSL Switzerland and CTT-Stronghold.

Coordinating all these different partners in the project and the different sources of information was a challenge, which VSL manage perfectly to the satisfaction of its client. Both liftings were completed just before summer 2003.

As a result of the sucessful project, VSL was awarded with two more liftings on another plant of the same project located in Pisco, close to the Pacific Ocean.

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