NPP Gösgen - Switzerland
Lifting and lowering of the gantry

Scope of works

Devolopment of the method
Lifting and lowering of the 200t gantry


KKG Gösgen, Switzerland

VSL Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting



Project Description

 The Gösgen nuclear power plant has been in operation since 1979. One of the generators had to be replaced but the old gantry crane in the machine house had insufficient capacity to lift the new 500t unit. VSL Heavy Lifting was appointed to carry out the complete gantry exchange operation, including developing the method. 

The unusual size of the crane was a challenge and required extensive preliminary design and planning work. Four temporary 25m-high twin towers had to be installed for the lifting and lowering operation. 

Within 48 hours the lifting and lowering operation itself was completed. 

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