Afsin-Elbistan Thermal Power Plant - Turkey
Erection of 4 blocks of the new Thermal Power Plant in Afsin-Elbistan

Scope of works performed

Erection of 4 blocks of the new Thermal Power Plant


TEAS Turkish Electrictiy Generation and Transmission Authority

Main Contractor

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Bacock Borsig Power, Gama-Tekfen-Tokar J.V., Enka Construction Co.

Plant Ecection Contractor

GTT (Gama-Tekfen-Tokar) J.V., Ankara

VSL Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting Switzerland


2001 - 2003

Project Description

The construction site of the new Thermal Power Plant Afsin-Elbistan is located in the district of Kahramanmaras in Southeast Turkey. In April 2001, VSL was contraced to carrying out lifting work for the erection of four identical blocks of the new B 4 x 360 MW power plant.

The heaviest parts to be lifted at Elbistan were the four suspension grillages. Each one weighed 520t and had to be lifted to a height of 120m. Beside that, the flue gas ducts and an impressive number of boiler components had been lifted by using the VSL heavy Lifting technique. A series of  70 strand lifting units with capacities ranging from 100 kN to 3300 kN with their corresponding hydraulic pumps had been used. The erection work involving VSL was scheduled on 2 1/2 years.

At the end of VSL`s contract, in mid 2003, the total weight of the components installed in all 4 blocks using the strand lifting technique had reached 10,000t.

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