Harbour Container Cranes Sines - Portugal
Lifting of the cranes´ superstructure Skidding of the assebled cranes

Scope of work performed

Lifting of superstructure
Skidding of habour cranes


PSA Sines Portugal


URSSA, Spain

VSL Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting



Project Description

 Portugal´s largest deep-water container terminal has been expanded with investments of €89 million. To enlarge capacity three new container cranes, each weighing 1,500t, were installed. 

First the 815t superstructure fo each crane had to be raised by 48.5m.  In the next step the crane was jacked up to enable the installation of skid shoes and skid tracks. A main feature of the VSL Skidding System (VSS) is the ability to lay out the skid tracks directly on the ground which makes it a very economical method. Computerised monitoring systems enabled VSL to supervise and manage every step of the operation precisely. 
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