Tilbury Container Cranes - United Kingdom
Skidding of container cranes

Scope of work

Skidding of container cranes


London Container Terminal - Forth Ports


URSSA, Spain

VSL Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting



Project Description

London`s major container port is at Tilbury on the Thames. To enlarge its capacity, bringing the total number of cranes to 10, two new container cranes were installed in June 2014.

The cranes, weighing 900t each, were assembled on site. VSL Heavy Lifting was appointed to skid the cranes into their final positions at the dock. At the beginning of the operation each crane had to be jacked up by 250mm from its temporary rails to allow the installation of the VSL Skidding System (VSS) underneath. 

Each crane was moved by 160m on four hydraulic skid shoes, which ran on two skid tracks. Once at its final position, the crane was jacked down onto its permanet rails. The operations were carefully monitored at each step to ensure a maximum ground pressure of 6kg/cm2. 

 The usage of the VSL Skidding System guaranteed a safe and economical solution that moved the cranes into their working positions within the planned seven-day schedule.  
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