Walsum Power Plant Block 10 - Germany
Lifting of steel- and pressure parts of the boiler

Scope of works performed

Lifting of steel- and pressure parts of the boiler


Evonik Industries AG & EVN AG

Main Contractor

Hitachi Power Europe GmbH
Hutni Montaze A.S.
ARGE Kraftwerk Walsum Block 10

Engineering Consultant

Hitachi Power Europe GmbH

VLS Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting Switzerland


2007 - 2009

Project Description

The VSL Strand Lifting System is now used for nearly 30 years for power plant construction. In August 2007, VSL was contracted again for the construction of the new block 10 of the coal-fired power plant in Duisburg-Walsum. Block 10 has a net efficiency of more than 45 % and is equipped with highly efficient filters. So it`s contributing to preserve resources and reduce emissions.

VSL lifted the steel parts, the pressure part and some of the piping parts. The work started with the lift of the heaviest part - the 1,100t suspension grillages with a tower crane on top. During the lifting procedure to the height of 100 m, bad weather caused some difficulties and prolongued the work. The lifting operations included an impressive number of boiler components with the according strand lifting equipment and hydraulic pumps.  VSL had an equipment capacity of 3,560t and at the end of the contract in June 2009, the total weight of the lifted components with the VSL strand lifting system in the boiler was over 6,000t.

Using the VSL strand lifting system for the construction of power plants is shortening construction periods considerably, saving costs and altogether contributing to make the construction of power plants economical.

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