Yanbu Power Plant Phase 3 - Saudi Arabia
Lifting of boiler components

Scope of work performed

Lifting of boiler parts


SWCC Salin Water Conversion Cooperation Saudi Arabia


Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd (SECL)

VSL Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting


2014 - 2016

Project Description

 Yanbu is one of the two industrial centers in Saudi Arabia. To meet the increasing need of electricity and sweet water, the new power and desalination plant  “Yanbu Power Plant Phase 3” is being built. With a planned output of 3,000 MW and a steam exporting capacity to generate 550,000m3/day of desalinated water, it’s one of the largest power plant construction sites worldwide.

VSL Heavy Lifting was appointed by Samsung Engineering Co, Ltd, to lift the elements of the five 600MW boilers. Each of the 5 boilers is lifted in different stages, while 2 boilers are being constructed in parallel. A total lifting capacity of about 2 x 5,700t will be used to lift the boiler elements up to 60m using a selection of different types of strand jack units.