Global Tech I Transformer Platform - Germany
Lifting of the hull Lowering of the substructure


Global Tech I + Offshore Wind GmbH, Germany


Keppel Verolme, Netherlands


16 x SLU-580 strand jack units
16 x SMU-580 stand jack units

VSL Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting


2012 - 2013

Project Description

Global Tech I is one of the first offshore wind farms built in the German North Sea comprised of 80 wind turbines. The roughly 41 square kilometre area of Global Tech I is located approximately 180 kilometres northwest of Bremerhaven. For the offshore installation of the transformer platform, a core element of the project, VSL Heavy Lifting was awarded the contract to lower the platform substructure and to lift the hull.
The transformer platform was built in Rotterdam completely and then tow to its final destination in the German North Sea. The VSL Heavy Lifting equipment consisting of 16 SMU and 16 SLU-580 strand jacking units and hydraulic pumps was installed also at the habour in Rotterdam. For lowering the 3,500t substructure in the seabed about 40m 4 SMU-580 strand jacks were installed at each leg and for the lifting of the 5,500t hull about 35m 4SLU-580 strand jacking units. The lifting strands were attached to the leg heads and the lowering strands to the suction cans. This arragement of the strand jacking equipment allowed the lifting and lowering strands to be kept taut and hence minimised the effect of swells during the offshore installation.
Within 45 hours VSL Heavy Lifting completed the lifting and lowering operation to a safe postion of the hull a few meter out of the water.

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