Maureen Alpha Platform - Norway
Skidding, lifting and lowering works during the de-construction of an oil platform

Scope of works performed

Skidding, lifting and lowering works during the de-construction of an oil platform


Phillips Petroleum United Kingdom Ltd. (Operator on behalf of the Maureen Field licensees)

Marine Warranty surveyor

London Offshore Consultant

Engineering Consultants

Structural Engineering AS

Strand Jacking Operations

VSL Heavy Lifting Switzerland

Project Description

After 25 years of operation, the Maureen Alpha platform had to be set out of service. The whole stucture, weighing some 105,000 t, was moved from its location in the North Sea to an inshore position just off Stord island. The heavy base will form part of a new quay wall. whereas most of the steal had been cut and recycled.

A floating crane lifted off all the top modules, except for the flare tower. Then the Hi-Deck was demated from the substructure onto a barge and brought to the quayside in Stord.

At that point VSL Heavy Lifting started its work. The massive 12,000 t  deck was skidded over a distance of 90 meters onto the wharf for dismantling. With four strand pulling units SLU-330 VSL Heavy Lifting reach a launching speed of 12m/h. With the smaller draft due to the reduced weight, the platform was then moored about 2 km away from shore. There the upper part of the substructure was removed. The remaining 66,000t base with a height of  40m were left at the end of this operation.

The challenging part was now to separate the 3 storage tanks from the lattice frame.

Main data of Maureen Alpha Platform
Steel gravity platform consisting of 3 storage tanks, the Hi-Deck and the tabular lattice frame, linking the storage tanks and supporting the Hi-Deck.
Base area:                      7,800m²
Overall height:                235m
Overall weight:               105,000t

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