Meteorological Towers Scotland - United Kingdom
Lifting of telescopic masts

Scope of works performed

Offshore lifting of two masts

Key data

Weight: 20m
Length: 45m
Lifting distance: 43m
Final height: 80m


Drace Infrastructures UK

VSL Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting



Project Description

 Offshore lifting of two 45m-long telescopic masts

Two new masts had been installed off the coast of Scotland to carry weather sensors for a planned wind-park nearby. The lower part of each tower consists of a concrete gravity foundation base. The towers`steel sections, were prefabricated in Spain and then shipped to Scotland. 

The steel ssections holding the telescopic lattices were assebled at Inverness Harbour, ready to be towed to site by a tugboat. One tower was installed north of Inverness, off the coast of Wick, and the other one to the south, off the coast of Dundee. 

The towers`s steelwork supported three temporary working platforms. VSL`s strand lifting units were mounted on the intermediate platform while the towers were still onshore. Once in position offshore, the lattices were raised in two steps - first by 13m and then by 30m - to reach their final heights of about 80m. 

The severe weather conditions of the North Sea presented a real challenge for the lifting operations. After identifying the rigth time slot, VSL Heavy Lifting carried out a successful operation to lift the towers. 

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