MOAB Emeraude, Pointe Noire - Congo
Heavy lifting/lowering of Oil-Platform

Scope of works performed

Simultaneous lowering of substructure and lifting of working platform of a MOAB oil platform.
Total capacity of lowering + lifting units: 9.280 t and lowering distance 75 m.



Main Contractor


VSL Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting Department


16 lifting units type SLU/SMU 580/550



Project Description

In March 2009 - Offshore the coast of the Republic of Congo - VSL Heavy Lifting finished the lowering (substructure) and lifting (platform) works to position the oil platform Emeraude.

The work have been executed by means of 16 pcs. of our biggest lifting units type SLU and SMU 580. The Emeraude was constructed on a shipyard in Casablanca/Morocco and shipped over the sea to the Congo coast.

Provoked by very bad weather conditions the leaving Barge was struck by a freak wave and had to make an intermediate stop at Las Palmas/Canary Islands for checking and refastening.

From the technical side it`s to note how remarkable resistant the VSL Strand Jacking System is against strong weather and evironmental conditions that are present offshore. Even submerging of our lifting jacks won`t stop them working.

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