New Tangiers Med Harbour - Morocco
Lifting, skidding and lowering of offshore caissons

Scope of work performed

Lifting, skidding and load out of offshore caissons


Joint Venture TMBYS

VSL Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting


2011 - 2013

Project Description

3,400t caisson load out with 3mm accuracy

A complex production site challenge was carried out to skid and load out concrete caissons at the new container port Med II in Tangiers, Morocco. VSL was performing the handling of 105 concrete caissons: each of them is 28x28m in plan view, 12.5m high and weights 3,400t. The caissons were produced at site and skidded to the watering gantry area. VSL Heavy Lifting provided the two skidding track lines of 105m length including 10 skid shoes each with 14 hydraulic jacks, 6 push/pull units, 6 pumps and a monitoring computersized  control system allowing to operate with an accuracy of less than 3mm respectively 20 bars between each of the 14 lifting points. VSL also supplied and installed the gantry picking up the caissons at the watering gantry area, skidding them 45m meters and lowering them controlled into the water until the caissons were floating by themselves.

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