Kentucky Lake Arch Bridge - United States
Lifting of a basket-handle tied-arch from a barge

Scope of works performed

Lifting of the arch span
Lowering onto the bearings

Key data

Dimension: 168m x 33.5m
Weight: 2,268t
Lifting distance: 20m


Kentucky Transportation Cabinet


Structural Technologies, USA



Project Description

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet decided to replace the Eggers Ferry Bridge, which is too narrow for today`s traffic and had been badly damaged by a ship in 2012. The new brigde, which is been built adjacent to the old one, will have four lanes instead of two. 

The main arch brigde span, with a length of 168m and a height of 33,5m, was assembled on a barge next to the shore. Additionally four temporary lifting towers with two hydraulic strand jack on top of each were installed.

On 1th of December 2015 the complete installation was towed over the Kentucky Lake to its final position. Step by step the 2,268t basket-handle
tied-arch was lifted by 20m, slightly above its final height. The operation had to be carefully monitored to guartantee equal loads. 

In a next step the barge was pushed in between the piers and the steel arch lowered onto the bearings.