Green Point Stadium, Cape Town - South Africa
Erection of the cable net roof structure

Scope of Works performed

Erection and Lifting of cable net roof structure about 38 m.


52 Strand Lfiting Units SLU-40
20 Strand Lifting Units SLU-70
6 Hydraulic Pumps EHPS 24MS
13 ton Strand 0.6"


City of Cape Town, South Africa

Main Contractor

Pfeifer Seil- und Hebetechnik GmbH

VSL Entity

VSL (Switzerland) Ltd.
Heavy Lifting Departement



Project Description

The new Green Point Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa, will be hosting the FIFA Soccer World Cup in 2010. The circumvalence of the stadium is 1,400 m, it covers an area of 57,000 m² and will have a seat capacity of 68,000. It will be an all-weather, multi-purpose, environmentally sustainable, modern, technologically advanced, world class Stadium. Situated between Table Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean at the southern tip of Africa, the working title of the project is "African Renaissance Stadium".

VSL Heavy Lifting has been awarded for the equipment supply and the support of the installation of the cable net roof structure.

For the 72 lifting axes around the compression ring , 6 hydraulic groups with 12 strand lifting units and 1 hydraulic pump each, were arranged. The strand bundle was split to connect the radial cables in the center of the strand coupler. The required measure dates were transmitted digitally to the central control and monitoring system. This allowed to operate the 72 strand lifting units like an orchestra with a score of cable net erection procedure. The total pulling capacity used by the 72 units was 2,600 t.

VSL had been involved from the beginning in the design of the temporary erection suppport structures for the proven lifting system.

The complete jobreport will be available soon.