Hangar for new Airbus A380, Toulouse - France
Lifting of a two-part roof hangar

Scope of works performed

Lifting of two roof structures up to 37 m with a weight of 1,600 t each. Special composition: units mounted on ground, roof climbing up cables fixed with anchors at 37 m high tiles.


Airbus France

Main Contractor

Ingerop France

Steelwork + Engineering

Castell &Fromaget

Lifting, Equipment Rental & Engineering

VSL (Switzerland) Ltd:
Heavy Lifting Department



Project Description

In Toulouse, on the assembly site of the new aircraft AIRBUS A 380, VSL took an important part in the construction of the new reception hall (200 x 95 m). VSL lifted the two parts of the hangar roof - weighing each 1,600 t -  37 m. It took VSL less than one day to lift each roof up to its final position at the top of the columns.

The required 12 strands lifting units have been synchronized by the VSL BRAVO monitoring system, in order to respect the design constraining tolerances of level and load distribution in the bolted frame.

VSL took part from the start of the project in engineering, delivering of equipment and heavy lifting. An arrangement of 10 lattice towers, each mounted with an anchor fixing the cables, had to be erected.

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