Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Delhi - India
Lifting the cable-net roof structure

Scope of works

Lifting and tensioning of the cable-net roof structure


48 x SLU-120
16x SLU-70
4 x SLU-40


Tayo Membrane Coperation, Australia

VSL Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting Switzerland
VSL India


2009 - 2010

Project Description

The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium was built in 1982 and later modernised for the XIX Commonwealth Games, which were held in 2010. As part of this, the seating capacity was reduced to 60,000. The owner of the stadium also decided to install a 53,800m2 membrane roof.

An elliptical steel structrue 930m in circumference was installed around the stadium to hold the two compression rings for the new membrane roof.

VSL devised a customised configuration of strand jacking units, which proved to be very efficient. At each of the 24 main axes, two SLU-120 strand jacks were positioned, while SLU-40 and SLU-70 strand jacks were used on the secondary axes. The cable-net structure was raised until the radial cables of the 24 main axes could be fixed by pinning to the upper compression ring. The SLU-120 strand jacks were then moved onto the secondary axes to replace the smaller equipment. The load transfer from the SLU-40 and SLU-70 strand jacks had to be carried ourt very carefully.

VSL Heavy Lifting and VSL India worked closely together in the successful execution of the lifting and tensioning operation for the cable-net roof.

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