Meyer Werft Papenburg - Germany
Lifting of a roof by 76 m, combined weight during the lift 2,250 t

Scope of works performed

Lifting of the roof for the extension of the fabrication hall by 76 m


Meyer Werft Papenburg

Main Contractor

Wendeler Stahlbau

VSL Entity

VSL (Switzerland) Ltd.
Heavy Lifting Departement



Project Description

The Meyer Werft in Northern Germany is one of the leading ship yards in the world, building luxurious cruise liners with impressive dimensions. To be able to assemble these ocean giants of more than 300 m length, the Meyer Werft had to lengthened one of their fabrication halls.

The extension of the hall took place while the assembly work in the shipyard continued. An additional difficulty was the simultaneously extension of the water basin inside the hall. Because of these challenges, it was decided to built the roof structure close to ground level and then raise it as one unit to its final position. This method had been applied already for many projects, but the height of the rigde of 76 m above ground lead the engineers into untouched territory.

In its final stage, the hall forms a two hinged frame with a span of 125 m. The extension of the hall is made up by 6 such frames spaced at 20 m. First the massive working platform was assembled about 15 m above ground, corresponding to the level of the annexe building where the columns were anchored.

To perform the big lift, VLS Heavy Lifting assembled and installed 24 nos. SLU 120 (with 120 t SWL capacity each) for the lifting and 12 nos. SLU 30 for the tie backs. After all hydraulic and electric lines were installed, a controll system was establised to document every step of the lifting.Then the load in the lifting units was increased by small steps. At the same time the back ties were tensioned in a carefully planned sequence. When the computer showed a combined weight of 2,250 t - the roof was hanging free. With a speed of 4 mm/sec the roof moved skywards in steps of 300 mm - altogether their was a lifting distance of 46 m. 

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