Narod Stadium Warsaw - Poland
Lifting of the cable net roof

Scope of work performed

Lifting of the cable net roof


148 units with a capacity between 120 - 330t each and additionally four untis each 330t for the central spire

VSL Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting Ltc.



Project Description

The European soccer championship EM 2012 will take place in four Polish and four Ukrainian stadiums. In Poland in Wroclaw, Gdànsk, Warsaw and Donezk new stadiums are being build and in Ukrania in Lviv. The stadiums in Chorzów, Krakóv and Odessa have been selected as substitutes and are restored and upgraded also.  VSL Heavy Lifting got the challenging assignment to lift the cable net roof for the new construction of the Narod Stadium Warsaw and Slaski Stadium Chorzow. The Narod Stadium roof consist of 72 axis with upper and lower radial cable and as special highlight a central spire. In total 148 lifting units with a single capacity from 120 up to 330t, for spire lift additional 4 times 330t  have been installed including electronic control, hydraulic pumps and further accessory.

Follow the the big lift, which took place under really icy weather conditions end of december, in our video.

The complete job report will be available soon.

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