Kaisersaal Monument, Berlin - Germany
Lifting and Sliding of the historical Kaisersaal

Scope of works performed

Design, supply, assembly and operation of the lifting and control equipment.


Sony Europe

Main Contractor

Ed. Züblin AG, Stuttgart, Germany

VSL Entity

VSL Heavy Lifting Switzerland



Project Description

On the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, Sony built its European headquarters on the site of the neo-Baroque Kaisersaal building, which is part of the luxury war-damaged Hotel Esplanade.
To preserve these historical monuments, the city council requested to integrate them into the Sony complex. In addition the Kaisersaal was blocking the construction of an important road. The solution was to relocate the Kaisersaal 75m.

Sony entrusted Ed. Züblin AG with the relocation works. These consisted in strengthening the fairly fragile two-storey building (14 x 17m) and underpinning it with a grid of massive post-tensioned beams. Once the building was lifted, sliding tracks could be extended underneath.

VSL Heavy Lifting specialists developed the lifting concept, which consisted of jacking up the 1,300t building by using VSL strand lifting units. 13 SLU-330 units were used to form 11 lifting points. The hydraulic pump scheme and the computerised control system, using laser technology, were both designed by VSL. After 5 days of assembly work, the Kaisersaal was raised off the ground and slid into its final position.

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