Serebryany Bor, Moscow - Russian Federation
Lifting of panoramic restaurant about 55 m, weighing 660 t

Scope of works performed

Lifting of restaurant steel structure weighing 6'600KN by about 55m.


4 lifting units type SLU-330/550 with electro-hydraulic pumps type EHPS 32 MS and one centralized VSL BRAVO control unit.


Municipality of Moscow

Main Contractor

OAO Mostotrest

Engineering Consultant

Institut Giprostroymost

VSL Entity

VSL (Switzerland) Ltd.
Heavy Lifting Department



Project Description

The Zhivopisny bridge is part of a new City freeway, connecting the E22 motor-way with downtown Moscow. Space is restricted on one side by the Serebryany Bor (Silver Forest) Island National Park and on the other side by the Drylatskoye Sports Complex Area. So the main Cable stayed span of the bridge goes along the Moskva River. It is supported by a 100m high arch that spans the Moskva from shore to shore. The Zhivosisny bridge, being very special already, has an additional key feature: a 24 by 33m ellipsoid shaped panoramic restaurant suspended from the highest point of the arch.

VSL Heavy Lifting was contracted to perform the 55m lift of the restaurant from its assembly place on the bridge deck to its final position under the arch. 4 SLU 330/550 Strand Lifting Units were chosen to cover the design load of maximum 9.500 kN. The main lift of 55m was performed within 5 hours. Then the final alignment for the bolt connections started. Powered by four EHPS 32 MS electric pump units, an average lifting speed exceeding 10m/h could be obtained. To maintain horizontality and minimize twisting of the fully glazed structure, the VSL BRAVO control system was applied. At a piston speed of up to 12 mm/s the height differences could be kept within a few millimeters.  Not even the heavy snow fall during the operation affected the extraordinary precision.

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