Wind turbine foundation test Cuxhaven - Germany
Oscillated pulling

Scope of work performed

Oscillated Pulling of test set up of offshore windmill gravity foundation.


Two SLU-580
Four EHPS 2/65


Strabag Offshore Wind GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Main Contrator

Ed. Züblin AG, Stuttgart, Germany

VSL Entity

VSL (Switzerland) Ltd.
Heavy Lifting Department


2010 - 2011

Project Description

Wind turbing gravity foundation Testing

Major investments in R&D and production are being undertaken in order to realise the planned North Sea wind farms.

VLS Heavy Lifting was assigned the task of plannning and installing the load test set-up in Cuxhaven (Germany). Simulating wind and wave influence on the gravity foundation  required the load to be increased from 1,000kN to 11,000kN within just 10 seconds.  In total, 1,400,000 cycles of various loading conditons were repeatd during the six-month test to measure the impact force and reactions on the seabed beneath the gravity foundation on a full-scale mock-up.

The ambitious test requirements were achieved using two SLU-580 units, loaded by four EHPS 2/65 hydraulic pumps,  delivering  up to 520 liters of oil per minute. The fully automated control system offered easy and safe handling. Use of a web-based application enabled VSL Heavy Lifting to monitor and control the system directly from Switzerland. 



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