VSL is able to provide the most effective solution

...for projects where notable weight, dimensions or space limitations exclude the use of cranes or other conventional handling. Or simply taking in consideration the economic advantages.
VSL plans lifting, lowering, skidding, sliding or jacking operations and design the necessary temporary structures needed to meet client requirements.
Since more than 30 years we are handling a wide range of projects  with every thinkable application of heavy lifting.

Flexibility and Tailor-Made Systems

VSL‘s range of equipment allows to lift or lower single loads weighting well in excess of 10,000 t.
It includes a large selection of hydraulic jacks, pumps, control units, monitoring systems and modular lifting/jacking frames such as lifting towers, generator lifting frames and turntables. Together they give the capability and flexibility to carry out virtually any project that requires lifting, lowering, tilting, horizontal jacking, skidding and up-jacking.