VSL Heavy Lifting Systems

Proven equipment for the save handling of heavy loads.





The safety of Persons and components is our first priority.

Our specialised hydraulic lifting equipment is designed for the highest level of reliability and all equipment is rigorously tested and serviced by our quality control and maintenance program. VSL field services are also based upon a total commitment to safety.

The VSL Strand System

The VSL Strand System is designed for lifting, lowering, sliding and tilting of loads. The main components of the system are the motive unit, the tensile member with the anchorage for the load, the pump and its controls. The unique self-gripping concept of the motive unit anchorages provides a maximum level of inherent safety. 

Motive Unit
The motive unit consists of a hydraulic centre hole jack and the upper and lower anchorages. The upper anchorage is attached to the jack's piston.

When the hydraulic jack extends, the strands are gripped bythe wedges in the upper anchorage and move upwards. When the piston starts its downward movement ready for the next stroke, strands are gripped by the wedges in the bottom anchorage. The upper anchorage opens at the same time. This sequence is repeated to move the load in a step-by-step process. For lowering opeartions, VSL motive units are equipped with a device that automativally controls the opening and closing of the  anchorage.  

Tension member
The tension member consists of 7-wire pre-stressing steel strands with 15.24mm nominal diameter. It is anchored to the load by a specially designed end anchorage.

Hydraulic Pumps

The oil flow for the motive units is provided by electro-hydraulic pumps with either single or multiple outlets. The characteristics of these pumps guarantee synchronised jack movements, even under variable loads. Built-in pressure gauges or remote pressure control devices allow monitoring at all times. The size of pump is chosen to suit the load to be moved. The movement speeds depend on the project requirements and can be exceed 20 m/hour, if required.

VSL Skidding System (VSS)

The VSL haydraulic skidding system (VSS) is deigned für moving heavy loads along the ground in any drection, even over long stinaces. The system's main components are

  • skid shoes
  • push-pull units 
  • skid tracks
  • hydraulic pumps
  • and a monitoring and control system
Skidding tracks can be laid out on even ground without any fixings, including in situations of large-radius curves. Special skid tracks are available for use when moving loads along sharp curves.

CONTRol and monitoring systems

All VSL motive units, jacks and pumps can be operated either manually or by remote controll with precision-controlled movements to within millimeters.